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Flowers on Catwalk – Turquoise dress presented by Kriszta

This turquoise skirt comes from a charity shop and already, when I bought it, I knew it will be a...

The back of the top

Flowers on Catwalk – Again, man’s T-shirt, shirt and tie becoming a woman’s top

This is another try to create woman’s clothes using man’s stuff. If you have a man’s T-shirt, shirt and tie,...

Emboidery on the shoulder

Flowers on Catwalk – Blue long sleeved top, pink top and pink jeans for Hina

Hina’s clothes were really outworn but the idea wasn’t that difficult: I like assymetric things so wanted to renew the...

Kate is trying on her clothes

Flowers on Catwalk – Green and black dress and skirt for Kate

Those clothes from Kate have been well used. It was quite hard to create something new, I spent a few...

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