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  • Söröskorsó - Beer stein

    Beer Steins

    Look so amazing when you are having a good pint of beer! The stein is a pint sized so 500 ml.Also useful as a vase, or a giant amount of coffee, if you are not fond of beer.Great for present especially for guys!

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  • Kicsi (7cm magas) és közepes (11.5cm) kulacs - Small (height 2.75") and Medium Jack (4.5")


    They are all hand-painted at both sides with the authentic Hungarian folk motifs. The medium and large one has a little shot as a lid to use.The approx. sizes are:Small jack height 7cm/2.75"Medium jack height 11.5cm/4.5"Large Jack height 18cm/7"Please handle them with care as they are really fragile. They are all dishwasher safe and can be used on an everyday basis.

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  • Bögrék - Mugs


    All the mugs are hand painted with the authentic Hungarian folk motifs. They are all dishwasher safe and perfect for everyday use.Please click on the pictures to check sizes.If you see more than one variation for a mug, at the checkout, please specify in the comment box which one you would like to purchase.Do not hesitate to drop me a line if you can't find what you are looking for as I'm more than happy to help!

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  • Chine place mat

    Place mat

    Wooden quare with a hand painted tile in the middle. Any pan can be placed on the top, it supports any warm dish.Not dishwasher safe, clean with warm water and sponge. Please be careful, it is fragile. 19cm x 19cm / 7.5" x 7.5", thickness is 1.5cm / 05"

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  • Sószóró kb. 7 cm átmérőjű, kb. 7 cm magas- Saltcellar approx. 3” diameter and 3” heigh


    They look great on the table when you need them, perfect for salt or pepper, too!The size is approx. 7.5cm/3” height and approx. 7 cm/3” diameter.Dishwasher safe, please handle with care as it's fragile.

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  • Felespohár kb. 3cl, 4.5cm magas - Shot, height 1.75"


    Those little guys are perfect to have a the traditional Hungarian shot called Palinka or any other strong spirit usually consumed in small amount but quickly!They are all dishwasher safe, the uprights' size is 3cl, the pints are approx. 5cl. Preferably sold in pairs.Please be careful when handling as they are fragile.Consider to purchase a jack to store your spirit in an authentic way!

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  • Spoon holder and spice container in use

    Spice China Container

    The spice container is a practical and nice way to keep your spices safe and fresh. You can order it with or without text.It is dishwasher safe. Please handle with care, the china products are fragile.There is a "Paprika" and blank ones in stock.Please find the spoon holder product from the main picture at the kitchen section here.

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  • Teafilter-tartó - Tea bag holder

    Teabag Holders

    While drinking your lovely morning or afternoon, it is great to have a little teabag holder to place your unwanted teabag! This little teabag holder is 10cm, approx. 4”.The holder is dishwasher safe. Please be careful, it is fragile, made of porcelain.

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  • Fakanáltartó - Wooden Spoon Holder

    Wooden Spoon Holders

    A handy thing in the kitchen to hold your used wooden spoon while you are cooking - keeps the mess away and looks pretty, flowery with the Hungarian folk motifs.The size is 19cm/7.5" long and 7.5cm/3" width - good for any regular wooden spoon.It is also good to serve olives, dips or hold used teabags.They are all dishwasher safe, handle them with care as they are fragile.

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