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  • Csengettyű - Bell


    Bells can be part of the Christmas decoration, they are cute and has a nice sound when you shake them.The bell is 8cm/3.15” of height and 6.5cm/2.5” of diameter.Please be careful as they are all made of porcelain therefore quite fragile.

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  • Large singe candle holder

    Candle holder

    Lovely hand painted china candle holders. Sold as single items.They are beautiful for a cosy dinner, a Xmas night or as a gift.Dishwasher safe, please handle with care as they are fragile.

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  • Fridge Magnets

    The fridge magnets are a great souvenir of Hungary, they make good gifts for business partners, customers for any occasion.The sizes vary from 6cm/2.5" to 9cm/3.5" - please click on the photos to check the exact measurements. Please note that the motifs may vary as shown on the picture.Please handle them with care as they are fragile.

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  • Házi áldás angol nyelvű - English Home Blessing

    Home Blessings

    To hang a home blessing plate in the house is really traditional in Hungary – it’s believed to get the blessing from God to the home.The exact sizes of the plates are 19cm/7.75". They are all hand-painted and burn in high degrees to secure the painting. They have a little hole at the back as you can hang them on a wall but they are usable on an everyday basis as well like a normal plate - they are dishwasher safe.Please do not hesitate to check my hand painted home good wishes and home blessings in the Painting section.

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  • Round hand painted vase


    Vases are made of real porcelain, great present or lovely decoration for your home.Machine washable. Be careful as the vases are fragile.

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  • Wall clock

    Wall clock

    A wall clock with hanger at the back. Battery not included, operates with AA battery.Hand painted. Diametre is 20cm / 8"

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