• Badges

    Easy to sew it around in different sizes. Looks great on T-shirts, shirts, bags or trousers. Wear it proudly to show that you like Hungary!

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  • Kalocsai parasztingben - Hungarian folk shirt

    Folk Shirts

    All folk shirts are traditional folk outfit made of 100% cotton and the cut is quite large - as they have to be large for a comfortable and authentic wear.Please click on the images to check what sizes are available. When checking out, please specify in the comment box which size you would like to buy - if you can't find your size or embroidered version you are looking for, contact me and I'm more than happy to help.

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  • Neki is hímzett inge van - He also has an embroidered shirt


    Embroidered shirts look great on men: for business casual or for a family celebration, anyhow it is a good choice to make a difference. All of those shirts are ready bought, good quality fabric and hand-embroidered for a unique look.Please click on the pictures to find out the exact size of the shirt. If you can't find the size or colour you are looking for, please give me a ring.They are perfect to be completed with a lovely embroidered tie.

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  • Nyakkendő - Tie


    Ties are really smart and when it is embroidered with lovely flowers than it becomes really unique: any ties can be embroidered. If you want to complete a smart suit with a colourful touch or want to show that you are a proud Hungarian, this is a thing for you. If you can't find the colour or motive you are looking for, please get in touch.They also make perfect gift for Christmas or for your business partners. Complete your smart business casual with an embroidered shirt.

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