• Felnőtt kötény cifra hímzéssel 60cm hosszú - Woman's apron with coloured embroidery length 23.5"

    Aprons for Adults

    Aprons are not only a decorative part of the folk outfit but can be useful in the kitchen! Cook your favorite food or serve to your guests, sure they will admire it!They are all 100% cotton, hand sewn and hand embroidered.Please click on the photos to see the exact measurements of each product.

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  • Girl's T-shirt, blouse, apron, skirt and hairband

    Aprons for Children

    Aprons are part of the whole outfit of a folk wear: after having a blouse/shirt and a skirt (rich/double or normal/single), this can really be the final touch. When ordering, please measure the skirt as it looks perfect when the apron is only slighly shorter than the skirt itself. The outfit can be absolutely completed with matching hairband or ribbon. Those are all great for international day at school, folk dancing or just for any special (Hungarian) occasion.If you can't find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact me.Please click on the photos to check the exact measurements of the each products. When there is more than one variations, please specify in the comment box when checking out which one of the items you would like to buy!

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  • Badges

    Easy to sew it around in different sizes. Looks great on T-shirts, shirts, bags or trousers. Wear it proudly to show that you like Hungary!

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  • Farmer koptatott hátizsák rózsákkal magasság: 41cm, mélység: 15cm, szélesség: 25cm - Bagpack with roses heigh: 16", deep: 6", width: 10"


    All the handbags are hand-made and hand embroidered, made of canvas or denim for a long term use. They all have an extra zipped pocket - the larger ones inside, the medium ones outside perfect for an everyday use.Please click on the pictures to find the exact measurements of each. When ordering, please specify in the comment box which one you would like - if there is more than one of the selected variation. If any of the selected bag is out of stock, please contact me as it can always be backordered! 

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  • Baseballsapka fehér - white cap


    Caps are all one size but adjustable at the back for a perfect fit - they are mainly for adults but if you want in kids' size, please contact me.They are all ready bought and hand-embroidered.

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  • Hímzett textil szalag 147cmx5cm - Embroidered cotton ribbon 58"x2"


    The hairbands are all made of the same fabric than the skirts so they can be made to match. If you would like the same and can't find in the selection of the goodies the fabric you are looking for, please contact me as I likely have the fabric you want a hairband made of.The ribbons are all hand embroidered, perfect for a plait or just in the hair - please see the gallery below for ideas.The traditional look can be completed with apron and blouse/shirt, and if you want to, you just need to order online.

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  • Pénztárcák - Purses


    Small but handy purses to keep your cash or for your toiletries in a handbag nice and tyded. Please click on the pictures to check the sizes.They are all made of cotton, can be washed in 30 degrees (but separate the light and dark colours when washing), do not tubmledry and iron on medium heat level.Hope you will enjoy your purchase and find a useful use of this cute purse.

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  • Sál kék selyem 149cmx36cm - scarf blue silk 57.5"x14"


    Those beautful scarfts are available with cotton and silk fabric, can complete a black tie dress code when going out or get some colour during grey winter.Please check the exact measurements of the goodies by clicking on the pictures. Please specify in the comment box when doing the checkout which one you would like to order.If you can't find the colour or fabric you are looking for, please just drop me a line.

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  • Waistcoat

    This waistcoat is a second hand, that is why the price is lower. Lengh is 28cm / 11", the 40cm / 15 3/4".The lace is called riselieu which is a madeira kind of embroidery made by machine but directed by hand - I would say it is even more difficult to make than the colourful hand embroidery. The waistcoat has no buttons so a petite woman also wear it.

    Add to basket £29.50
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